We won't leave you in the dark

Recent times have taught us that sometimes doing the right thing
 is sitting tight. This energy market crisis gives us another opportunity to apply this very principle: 

Keep calm, wait for the energy market to stabilise and rest assured we won’t let you in the dark…

All you need to know about the crisis

The recent surge in wholesale energy prices has badly hit all energy suppliers, however big they may be, forcing them to take the massive losses generated by the difference between the rates they have committed to offer their clients and current costs. 

To avoid further losses most suppliers have removed most of their tariffs, starting with their most competitive ones, or simply closed their business to any new clients.  This means it’s very likely your best bet is to remain on your old tariff that is probably cheaper than anything available at this time. 



With that in mind but also with the stability of the energy market to factor, we decided to close our energy switching service while the dust settles. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. 

At Switch Plan we believe you should never pay more money than you have to,   for anything. That’s why the minute the market resumes it’s forward movement and we are confident in our abilities to offer you a broad enough selection we’ll resume our services. 

Rest assured our content team is still working full time to make sure you have all the necessary information to navigate the crisis and manage your utility bills. 

Let us warn you when switching season returns